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There will be no new posts for a week at least due to some problems with my computer and other reasons. However, you can send me an email using the contact form in my website (I will be able to reply on Sunday).


I've uploaded a short video that I made from photographs about a year ago. It's not perfect, of course, but it shows the world that many people don't see.



Yesterday I had an extreme shooting. There was a thunderstorm. The camera's setting for the same scene changed from ISO 200 and 1/800 to ISO 1600 and 1/100 (f/5,6) in a few minutes. The equipment got wet. Here is a link to one of the last shots, taken with some water on the front element of lens. Well I wasn't expecting that strong rain...

P.S. I'm sorry for my English (you can't think much what you're talking in such weather conditions and when your not weather sealed camera is wet). ;)


On 20-22th May I was photographing birds with Boris Belchev in Kėdainiai and the locations around. However I had a pretty busy week and some images are still waiting for editing. So, a brief story...


I was in Kėdainiai (Lithuania) on Friday afternoon. After some waiting, I photographed a penduline tit and a citrine wagtail, which is rare in Lithuania.


The morning was beautiful, but not very good for bird photography.

However, in the evening I photographed one lapwing.


In the morning I made my best photo of the weekend - a roe deer. He was having a breakfast.

Of course, there are more images. Some of them you can see in the 'New Images' gallery, some still can only be found as raw files in my computer... But the summer vacation is soon and I will have more free time then.


Today the awarding ceremony of the students' photo contest "Akimirka mano seniūnijoje 2011" took place in Kaunas historical presidential palace. I have won the nomination "Už gamtos pajautimą" (for feeling the nature). I'm grateful to my fine arts teacher Linas Zizas, who had suggested to participate in this contest. Ačiū!

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